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VL-3 Evolution


    • Take off & Landing1200 ft
    • Best rate of climb4000 ft/min
    • Max cruise speed330 KTAS
    • Stall speed76 KIAS
    • Vne256 KIAS
    • ManufacturerPratt & Whitney
    • ModelPT6-140A
    • Horsepower867 shp
    • Wingspan37 ft / 11,27 m
    • Length30 ft / 9,14 m
    • Height10 ft / 3,05 m
    • Cabin Width115 cm
    • Fuel tanks168 gal / 635 L
    • Empty weight2670 lbs / 1 211 kg
    • Useful load800 lbs / 363 kg
    • MTOW 4550 lbs / 2063 kg


Pratt & Whitney PT6-135A / 750 hp

Most popular engine


Pratt & Whitney PT6-140A / 867 hp

For speed freaks

300 KTAS Best performance at FL280 Climb rate 4000 fpm Useful load 820 lbs / 372 kg 330 KTAS Best perfrormance at FL280 Climb rate 4000 fpm Useful load 800 lbs / 363 kg


The Turbine Evolution’s pre-preg thermally cured carbon construction minimizes weight while its streamlined airframe cuts through the air diminishing drag.Add any of the Pratt & Whitney PT6 turboprop engine we now offer, and you have the ultimate power to weight combination.Every cabin is custom upholstered to your design and desires.

A refined interior

  • 1Cockpit

    The cabin airframe surrounds you in a custom, luxurious cabin, pressurized to 8000 feet at FL280 with a 6,5 psi pressure differential (better than the airlines!). Pressurization is automatic, providing gentle climbs and descents of the cabin altitude with no discernable change.

  • 2Canopy

    The canopy provides unmatched visibility for an airplane of this class.

  • 3Dashboard

    Each dashboard are equipped with the best avionics of the market.
    "Everything" is standard equipment, ADS-B Traffic, S-XM weather, Synthetic Vision, Terrain Avoidance, Bluetooth connectivity, L3 Electronic backup, touchscreen pressurization and HVAC controls.

vl3 Interior
  • 4Ventilation and heating

    The aircraft is equipped with a heat and air conditioning system, which is automatic and will respond to the temperature you set on the touchscreen controller.

  • 5Seats

    Comfortable and modern – select your choice of textile or leather designs, including choice of colors. The seats are high G, certified style safety seats.
    The side sticks provide effortless hand flying.

  • 6Baggage compartment

    The luggage compartment allows you to take up to 225 lbs (100 kg) to your next destination. Your luggages can be easily accessible from the cabin area.


Evolution Turbine can be equipped with:

- Hartzell 82.5" 5 Blades w/de-ice – carbon fiber swept tip constant speed
- Hartzell 82.5" 4 Blades w/de-ice - aluminium

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